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Ultra Rich Algae & Caviar Treatment

A hydrating energy boost for tired, dehydrated skin!

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The skin offers protection against dehydration. Our hydro lipidic layer prevents that valuable fluid will evaporate and it will guard the natural moisture degree. This will be optimal at a proper cell division and by excellent functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands. The moisture degree however can be out of balance by internal as well as external causes:

  • Internal: changes in the hormonal balance, disturbances in the fluid balance and stress
  • External: dry atmosphere, excessive exposure to sunrays and alkalic products

By a disturbed moisture degree, fluid can evaporate unimpeded in the skin and harmful matters can easily penetrate the body. The skin will become a tired radiation and will feel over-sensitive and unpleasant with the risk of premature wrinkle forming.

With pride KOH presents an innovative approach of hydration with a natural bath of freshness, existing of pure algae and caviar extracts. These marine extracts obtain excellent hydrating features. There are capable of absorbing and maintaining large amounts of water. By applying, the texture will immediately melt into the skin and will recover in a harmonious way the natural balance of the fluids. The pure algae and caviar extracts are freeze dried and absolutely do not contain any conservatives, by which they are very suitable for even the most sensitive skin. During massage the blood circulation is stimulated and the active ingredients are well absorbed.