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Long Lasting Base Coat

Beautifully varnished nails for longer wear.

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There are few things as annoying as premature chipping and peeling of manicured nails. The laboratory experts at KOH Cosmetics applied their hand and nail care expertise to develop a Base Coat of salon quality, on the basis of the patented Nano Technology. Beautifully varnished nails for longer wear.

The application of the patented Nano Technology is the latest discovery in the development of long-lasting, salon quality Base Coats. This highly advanced technology, already widely applied in Japan, makes use of microscopic particles of ceramics, silicia and alumina. These nano particles have exceptionally strong adhesive qualities. The Long Lasting Base Coat lays a strong bonding film between the nails and the polish, so your manicured nails stay   flawless day in, day out.