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French In Two Steps Hypnotic Mood

Unpredictable. Mysterious.

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Product information

‘KOH French in two Steps’ HYPNOTIC MOOD

Unpredictable. Mysterious. Sometimes your mood is impossible to capture in a single word, much less be comprehended by those around you. The mysterious colour ‘KOH French in two steps’ HYPNOTIC MOOD looks different when viewed from various angles. Reflecting every facet of a brilliant sunrise, this blend of pink, violet and champagne is guaranteed to mesmerise you. So succumb to its permanent magic spell that never fades!


The application of a French Manicure can be a lot of work. A standard French Manicure consists of three steps; (1.) A white coat for the nailedge, (2) The coloured coat for the whole nail, (3) A transparent, protecting top coat. KOH Cosmetics has combined step 2 and 3 in one coat, whereby the time of drying has considerable shortened.