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Essential Nail Serum

Fully recovered, radiating and resilient nails.

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This exceedingly innovative serum contains nourishing, deeply effective ingredients that are essential for the recovery process of dried out and damaged nails. The natural ingredients and aromatic oils, including Almond, Castor and Primrose Oil, hydrate, nourish and repair the nail structure in a harmonious manner. The result: fully recovered, radiating and resilient nails.


Dry and damaged nails have become so weak that our own physical recovery processes no longer suffice and need a little help. The laboratory experts of KOH Cosmetics have used their specialists insights into hand and nail care to develop the unique Essential Nail Serum. The essential nourishing and deeply effective ingredients of Essential Nail Serum give the nail the necessary energy impulse for a full recovery.


The high concentration of natural ingredients helps Essential Nail Serum to penetrate deeply into the growth zone of the nail for a multiple effect: