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Colour Booster

Nail polished turned dull shines like new again.

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Product information

Download the manual in pdf:

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Nothing is as annoying as damages to perfectly painted nails and fading of the colour. The laboratory technicians of KOH Cosmetics have used their expertise in hand- and nail care in developing this colour restoring Colour Booster.

This patented formula removes small scratches, restores the intensity of the colour and lets the nail polish shine even more brightly. This Booster also protects the coloured nail polish from damages, fading and discolouration. For optimum results and full enjoyment of beautifully painted nails!

Instructions for use:

Apply Colour Booster over coloured nail polish which was applied to the nails a few days ago. A thin layer already achieves an optimum result. Applying Colour Booster every 2 days delays damage and dullness of the nail polish.

Result: Nail polished turned dull shines like new again.