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Anti Aging Base Coat

Flawless nail surface

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Grooves, ridges, discolouration and stains are common complaints when the nails start to age. The unsightly effects of these symptoms are especially visible when a decorative polish is applied. Coloured polish on ridged nails often gives an uneven effect. Dark spots cannot be fully concealed by light-coloured polishes. Anti Aging Base Coat has been specially developed to not only camouflage these age-related symptoms, but also reduce and even prevent them. Creating a flawless canvas on which to apply coloured polish.

The Anti Aging Base Coat was specially developed for those insisting on a smooth and flawless nail surface. The rich formula fills in deep ridges and imperfections with a silky layer. Creating the ideal foundation for the application of a decorative polish. The strong base coat ensures easier application of nail polish and better hold, for long-lasting results.