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KOH FOR YOU offers specialized products for intense hand care and nail care and would like every woman on earth to experience the joy of its products.The strength of KOH lies in the fact that the products offer a solution for every hand- and nail problem.The products came about after years of intensive co-operation with Japanese specialists.

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Nail Hardener Cure Set

Nail Whitener Pencil Set

Anti Aging Spot Serum

Ultra Rich Algae & Caviar Treatment

Unique Lifting Formula - Mini

Unique Lifting Formula

Purifying Hand Bath

Purifying Hand Peeling

Restoring Hand Mask

Essential Hand Nourisher - Jar

New Hands Dermabrasion

Sensational Silk Experience

Nail Pusher and Cleaning Stick

All Over The Top

Nourishing Cuticle Brush

Gentle Cuticle Stick

Purifying Cuticle Response

Colour Booster

Top Coat Bamboo

Anti Aging Base Coat

Long Lasting Base Coat

Super Shine Top Coat

Pearly White

Hypnotic Mood

Basic Mood

Pink Mood

French In Two Steps Basic Mood

French In Two Steps Pink Mood

French In Two Steps Hypnotic Mood

Calcium Nail Whitener

Corrector Pen

Anti Aging Nail Serum

Natural, Glossy Nail Buffer Set

Nail Hardener Bamboo

Nail Hardener Cure

Crystal Nail File Medium with Purse Case

Crystal Nail File To Go

Crystal Nail File (large)

Purifying Nail Bath Refill

Purifying Nail Bath

Wipe It Away

Dry Drops

Purifying Polish Remover

Hand Care

Essential Hand Nourisher - tube

Nail Decoration

Top Coat MATT